tandem creative | Calvary
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Calvary Baptist Church, located in Winston-Salem, NC, has a congregation of 5000 with a number of ministry opportunities which create communication challenges. In partnership with the Calvary communications office, Tandem Creative has worked to create clear and intentional communication solutions. With a new mission and vision recently implemented at Calvary, Tandem Creative has helped in promoting this new culture to both internal and external audiences.

Working with Tom Temple at Tandem Creative has been a huge asset to our organization. We are able to resource the experience and expertise of a creative designer who understands our target audience while keeping us in step with current marketing trends. Tom works quickly; giving the BEST possible quality while maintaining the integrity of our branding preferences. I could not do my job without him and our church would not be moving forward creatively without his skills to think outside the box of average church design. – Kelli Benfield, Director of Communications